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Ranch Rodeo 2024



Ranch Horse Pattern


Teams will select one horse and rider to represent their team. Said horse and rider will conduct a ranch horse pattern(posted below) that will include a demonstration of basic ranch duties(open/close gate, ground tie,dismount/mount quietly) basic reining maneuvers(circles, rollbacks, stop, backup, and turnarounds), basic cattle handling(box critter on short wall and once control has been demonstrated, turn critter once each direction on long wall of arena), rope and stop critter. This event will be judged for horse willingness, horsemanship and stockmanship.



Lead horse into centre of arena, turn and face the judge, mount horse

3 x Spin/turn on hindquarters to the left

3 x Spin/turn on hindquarters to the right

Small circle on left lead

Large circle on left lead

Lead change

Small circle on right lead

Large circle on right lead

Lead change, continue down South fence and stop

Rollback to the right, continue down North fence and stop

Rollback to the left, continue down centre of arena

Stop and back up at least 6 strides

Nod for cow when ready

Box cow on end wall of arena to show control

Turn cow once each direction on long wall of arena

Rope and stop cow

Undally and release rope or take to stripping chute

Open gate and exit arena while mounted


Team Doctoring


Cattle(20) will be held at one end of the arena. There will be a trash line approx ⅓ way down arena. Team of 4 will start on opposite end of arena from cattle. Time starts and designated yearling announced when first team member rides across trash line. Yearling may be roped out of herd or sorted off herd and roped in open. Only designated cow and two(2) others may cross trash line. More than two non-designated cattle will result in a disqualification. Designated cow must be headed and heeled by any two members of the team. Once headed and heeled cow must be laid down(rope front leg, tail down, or stepover) and both heels placed in loop(if single leg caught), and head loop placed on front feet. Run is concluded once all 4 members are mounted, ropes are off cow, and cow is standing. Run will be judged on horsemanship and stockmanship with points awarded for; keeping herd and designated cow quiet while roping, appropriate loop thrown for cow placement(houlihan, turnover, backhand, hip shot, etc), quiet ground work with minimal stress to cow, horse ground ties, etc. Legal head catch is full head or full head and one front leg. If a cow is roped deep(belly) then rope must be dropped and other team members can head cow. Points will be deducted for; loping or chasing cow, scattering herd, dally on high hock, lost rope, lost horse(not ground tying). There will be a 5 minute time limit but time will only be used in the event of a tie in points.


Team Sorting


Trash line will be approx 1/2 of arena. Time starts and cattle number will be called when first rider crosses line into the herd. Team of 4 is to bring the designated numbered cattle(10) across line and in chronological order. Any wrong numbers across line indicates end of run. Team Captain has the option to call the time at any time.  The team will be JUDGED on stockmanship and horsemanship with a focus on willingness of horses and cattle to accomplish task. There will be a 5 minute time limit and time will only be used in scoring in the event of a tie in points.


Trailer Loading


Cattle(10) will be held on one end of arena with a trailer positioned on opposite end. The trash line will be approx ⅓ way down arena and time starts once lead rider crosses trash line into herd. Number(s) will be announced for two head that are to be brought across trash line and loaded into trailer. Team of 4 may elect to sort, haze, and load designated cows into trailer while holding herd from crossing trash line(more than two ADDITIONAL cows across trash line will result in a no score), or they may elect to rope, haze, and load. Points will be deducted for dragging cattle. Run is complete once two cattle and two horses(any two) have been loaded, ropes(if roped) are off, team members are gathered at back of trailer with trailer door closed and latched. There will be a 10 minute time limit but time will only be used in the event of a tie in points. Points will be awarded for horsemanship and stockmanship.


Stray Gather


One steer/heifer will be turned in arena with the team of 4 positioned outside of arena. When judge indicates the team will ride into arena and ‘gather’ the stray. Stray will be headed and run will conclude when critter is laid down with three(any) legs tied and head rope off. Team may elect to ‘mug’ or heel stray to lay it down. If stray is heeled, heel loop must be removed to conclude time. There will be a 5 minute time limit but time will only be used in the event of a tie in points. Points will be awarded for horsemanship and stockmanship(while mounted and on ground).


Team Penning


4 yearlings will be in arena on one end. Team of 4 will bring group of 4 cattle  down to opposite end and around barrel, Group of 4 cattle to be taken through ‘alley’ and sorted at gate with two continuing toward pen and two taken back toward barrel and held in corner. The two continuing must be penned in panels. Each obstacle is worth points; barrel=10 points, sort=20 points, pen=20 points, hold=20 points. Each team has three attempts at each obstacle with points deducted on each failed attempt. There will be a 4 minute time limit but time will only be used in the event of a tie in points. 





The first 5 places for each of the 6 events will receive points with first place winning 15 points, second place 12 points, third place 9 points, fourth place 6 points, fifth place 3 points. This helps create a greater spread between the teams. There will be an added column for each of the 6 events for average winners, meaning that the winner of the average for the day will receive 15 points, the second place team in the average will receive 12 points and so on. Ties will be decided based on the placing in the ranch horse competition. 


1st place team- 25% and buckles

2nd place team-15%

3rd place team- 10%

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