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Training $1500/month + GST includes board

Colt Starting

Trainers at the Griffith Ranch specialize in starting young horses using proven resistance-free methods. Horses are worked approx 1 hour/day, 5 days a week, and will typically experience a walk, trot, and canter in the round pen, arena, and outside on the trails.

Fresh starts are booked for a minimum of 60 days to ensure a better overall product and experience for your horse and provide a solid lasting foundation for future training.


Problem Horses
A main goal and objective of Griffith Ranch training is to improve the relationship and communication between horse and rider. Experience has shown us that horses that buck, bolt, rear, spook, refuse, etc are lacking an understanding of what is being asked of them. Griffith Ranch trainers will work with horses and riders to ensure that communication is clear to ensure a safe and trusting relationship
Ranch Horses

Horses in the Ranch horse program will be exposed to daily ranch chores including working cattle, ranch sorting, ranch roping, doctoring(1 man/2 man), etc

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